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How to Get a Business Line of Credit to Fund Your Next Construction Project

The best time to apply for a revolving line of credit is before you find yourself in need of funding. Being in the construction business, you know there will come a time when you’re looking to land a new contract, but don’t have the cash to get the project off the ground. Save yourself the anxiety of rushing to find the capital to cover costs, and check out your options from lenders like National.

National offers revolving lines of credit to construction companies with at least 3 months of business history and $120,000 or more in annual gross sales.

Looking at your finances over the course of a year instead of just a few months gives businesses with seasonal cycles a better chance to qualify, especially if recent bank statements reflect a slow period. And your FICO score isn’t an issue, either; at National, there’s no minimum required to qualify for a line of credit.

With access to up to $5 million in funding in as little as one day, you no longer have to wait for clients to pay before you take on new jobs. Your company stays active, your employees continue to receive wages and you have a chance to impress new clients by meeting every deadline without delays.

Start taking on more jobs with confidence by applying for a business line of credit! The application form only takes 60 seconds to complete, and you can receive funds in as little as 3 days!

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How to Get Construction Business Loans in 24-48 Hours

When it comes to construction financing, speed and efficiency is everything. That’s why for a limited time, we’re offering construction loans with an expedited funding process that only takes 24-48 hours to fund.

An Option for Every Construction Need

Here are just some of the funding options we offer with access to funds as soon as 24 hours, and our special 90% approval rate for construction business owners:

-Small Construction Business Loans: Great financing solutions for any construction need, from stocking inventory, to purchasing materials, managing payroll, bridging seasonal gaps in funding, purchasing or upgrading equipment – you get the idea. Whatever your needs may be, we got the perfect construction loan for you.Our working capital loans are available for both short-term and long-term requirements, and in amounts below $10k to over $1 million. The construction financing is paid back in fixed — and therefore predictable — payments, and unlike banks, our underwriting criteria does not rely on personal or business credit scores. In fact, there are NO FICO or annual sales requirements at all!

-Business Lines of Credit: Access to cash on hand, whenever you need it. Best for construction business owners who need to be ready to take advantage of an opportunity such as taking on an extra projects, or tackling any challenge like hiring more (COMPETENT) staff, paying off vendors, or getting extra materials on the fly.Our business lines of credit provide construction companies with “at-the-ready” funding to cover contingencies, exploit opportunities, and rapidly resolve short-term bottlenecks in their cash flow. These typically take about 24-48 hours to fund.

-Construction Equipment Financing: Utilize our construction financing options to purchase new or upgrade old heavy equipment. These funding options typically take as little as 24 hours to fund, and require NO FICO, annual sales, or time in business minimums.Our equipment financing enables construction companies to purchase the assets they need to increase capacity — and therefore onboard more customers and drive profits. We offer flexible and customized solutions that map to each company’s specific cash flow, tax management and accounting needs.

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